What our customers say

“You’ve made some wonderful ‘made to fit me’ commissioned jewellery, it’s fabulous” - Katie.

“`Very pleased with my pearls and they have been admired by many friends. My crystal set catches the light beautifully. I also bought crystal sets for two friends and they were ‘over the moon’. – Martine L.

“I love my pink pearls with matching earrings; I get lots of compliments every time I wear them. The crystal floating necklaces are very special. I also love wearing my Kyrene pearl earrings that matched in so well with my existing necklace” – Giovanna

“That silver Luna necklace - just love it - and so like solid sterling silver” - Sophie S

‘Very pleased with my earrings – just what I wanted, little perfect pearl drops” – Linda.

‘The surprise gift for my wife went down really well – looking forward to the new collections!” - Phil B.

“I just had to have the Silver Mist pearl necklace for my cousin’s wedding – such quality pearls I will never shop anywhere else – this designer takes real care in the engineering and execution –wonderful work” - Karin G.

"Wow - well all I can say is the fab customer service ever and perfect jewellery - Dana.

“Delighted with my necklace and bracelet, your work is really beautiful” – Lucy.

‘Having just recovered from a serious operation, I was so thrilled to receive the present, it lifted my spirits – the earrings are the most comfortable that I’ve got’ – Irene B.

“I am so very pleased with my necklace and earrings, I wear a lot of blue outfits and the colours go perfectly” – Martine.

”Have worn my necklace so many times, it is so versatile and complements any outfit – have also ordered one for my daughter in law” – Audrey.

“Where have you been all my life?! Jewellery which fits me. Stunning” - Rebecca.

‘Really delighted with my Olivia pearl necklace and earrings – it looks very sophisticated and the necklace and earrings lift my face’ – Janice N.

“I wore your wonderful jewellery all day long, and it is so different from anything else I have – really individual” – Ann J.

“At long last I have a bracelet with a clasp I can do up which fits!” – Jane.

“I was very pleased with my floating necklace and matching earrings. The design was so different and I received real compliments on my jewellery from a friend” – Rachel.

“I’m so delighted with my gemstone necklace and when I got home, my husband thought it was lovely too!”. – Kathy.

“Thrilled with my one of a kind necklace and the comfortable clip dangly earrings which are so very hard to buy elsewhere - I love anything handmade” – Olive.

“My daughter is really pleased with her fuchsia triplet earrings” – Lorna.