Jewellery Sizing and Fitting Features

Will it fit me?

Currently, most jewellery on this website fits ladies sized UK 8-16, however these sizes are only a guide. Stones sized 5- 6mm are usually too small in proportion for ladies sized around 16 plus. Large gemstones, i.e. slabs, would overwhelm very petite ladies. Good indicators for suitability are if the jewellery contains large or chunky stones, or if it is a small item or “delicate”. Measurements are given to compare with your other jewellery. A conversion table between inches and centimetres is included below.

Bracelet Sizing

Many Kyrene bracelets have a trigger clasp and extender chain making them adjustable between wrist sizes 6-7.5 inches (the average women’s wrist being 7 inches). An 8 inch wrist is around man-sized and we are not currently catering for that size.

Kyrene non-adjustable bracelets are currently made to fit an average wrist size of 7 inches. Please check before placing an order for one of these bracelets if you're in any doubt about your sizing. The next section has more details.

How to measure your wrist for Kyrene bracelets

Use a soft tape measure to wrap around and measure your wrist snugly but not tight, i.e. just above the hand and below the wristbone, not where you would normally wear a watch which is higher up. This shows your wrist measurement.

We add ¾ - 1 inch to that measurement to make the bracelet. So a 7 inch wrist will require a 7¾ - 8 inch bracelet giving room to do the clasp up on non-adjustable bracelets.
Bracelets should be a little bit bigger than your wrist and should end up falling down slightly towards the hand.

Necklace Sizing
Many of Kyrene necklaces are sized 17 inches with a 2-inch extender chain - this is a length which is very popular. The extension chain allows you to fit your necklace to the length you require. (Please note that if you are a large sized lady, say size 20 and over, this length might well be too short. We hope to do customisation in the future).

earring clipsMany earrings are designed to match the necklaces on this site. All are designed to be highly wearable and comfortable and drop lengths are clearly shown. Some earrings because of the design, hang better with hooks.
For ladies with non-pierced earrings there is a choice of silver-plated clip fittings for the same price – as an alternative to the sterling earring design.

Size conversion chart - inches to nearest 0.5 centimetres

Inches cm (mm)
0.5 1.5 (15mm)
1 2.5 (25mm)
2 5
3 6.5
7 18
8 20
16 40
17 43
18 46
20 51
24 62
26 68